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Assalamualaikum and have a good day everybody!

So, it has been about 2 years that I did not update on my blog. Well, as a student I can't resist that I am busy with many things such as school activities and tuitions, since I am sitting for Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) 2017, last year. And this year, since I am in higher secondary already, there is alot things to do that steal my own time to update my blog. But, whenever I go, I will always take many pictures as I can, because I want to share it here. Blogging is about what we have experienced , right?

Finally, today I decided and keep motivate myself to sign up Blogger. While watching AFF Suzuki Final on TV, I write here to deter myself from nervousness. So, I decided to write about my experience buying macarons from Laduree, which is located at Pavilion KL. I have been there twice, not much because Pavilion is quite far from Shah Alam, and it is the only store (or outlet) in Malaysia. So, whenever I go, I will take the chance to buy the macarons😁.

Okay, stop blabbering, now let me introduce about Laduree. For those who have been to Paris, you must well known about it, since Laduree is one of the best  sweets maker in Paris. Now, they have open their official store worldwide, and Malaysia is one of it. They have many types of sweets to choose from, name it whether it is cakes, pastries and the most important one , MACARON!

The store's decoration 
As far as I know, most of their food are halal. If you are still have doubt on the food, just ask the waiters there. There are 11 flavours of macarons to choose on, which is Pistachio, Orange Blossom, Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee, Liquorice, Rose Petal, Raspeberry, Vanilla and Vanilla Lime. All of these flavors goes for RM12 per piece, while the premium flavour such as Gold Chocolate fetch a higher price of RM18 per piece.

Various flavours to choose on
Unfortunately, the Rose Petal is not available anymore when I want to buy it on the second trip. Out of all flavours, Rose Petal ranked first in my opinion. Other flavours were not bad too, and I must say that you must not afraid to taste all flavours, as all of us have different taste. About the price, I think that it is worth with your money, as they use all the high quality ingredients and you can taste the difference. Trust me, you will want it again. But, of course you have to keep some of your money if you really want to get a taste , with RM12, you might buy a plate of nasi campur or even KFC, but it is not a fault when we spend more on luxury things sometimes😋.

Oh yes, you can also buy the macarons with their special box. Starting price from RM86 and contains 6 macarons , and you can choose the flavours on your own. But, I suggest you all to buy the macarons in loose piece as they are  cheaper than buying them with box. Sorry, I did not manage to  snap all the menus there huhu , you all can refer on Google instead.

With my cousins. Eating the coffee and pistachio flavours (if I am not mistaken). Well, the taste are good and marvelous! Dont judge a book by its cover.

So, that's all for my entry this time. Hope you guys enjoy it!
p/s : i really want the box actually, hope that i can buy it when i am in Paris or London soon😀 (to get it right, after my BIGGGG exam)

Nabila 💓


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