Laduree Malaysia - My personal experience

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everybody!

So, it has been about 2 years that I did not update on my blog. Well, as a student I can't resist that I am busy with many things such as school activities and tuitions, since I am sitting for Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) 2017, last year. And this year, since I am in higher secondary already, there is alot things to do that steal my own time to update my blog. But, whenever I go, I will always take many pictures as I can, because I want to share it here. Blogging is about what we have experienced , right?

Finally, today I decided and keep motivate myself to sign up Blogger. While watching AFF Suzuki Final on TV, I write here to deter myself from nervousness. So, I decided to write about my experience buying macarons from Laduree, which is located at Pavilion KL. I have been there twice, not much because Pavilion is quite far from Shah Alam, and it is the only store (or outlet) in Malaysia. So, whenever I go, I will take the chance to…

Segmen Jom Berkenalan

Hello and Assalamualaikum. So, this is my first time participating the segment. My friend also participating it too. With this  I wish that I could get more viewers and followers (mana tau kan hehe) and also can get know each other. Blogger baru so post pun tak banyak huhu (Im sorry for that). So , hope that we can get along in sha allah. That's all for today. Sayonara!!
Sincerely, Nabila

First post ever!


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah today I was given chance to built this blog for my everyday -story- or -routine. I was so happpyy because it is my first time having blog ( thanks to you , F ! I have been stalking to you before I made this, hahahha!) and yes this blog not only insist of daily routine only, but with some others like small bussiness ( In sha Allah if rajin hahaha). So then , Im Nabila and living in Shah Alam. I have 7 cats ( Angelina, Conet , Victoria , TamTam, TamTih, Ronaldo and Suarez) , but now only 6 left because Ronaldo is missing and not found until today huhuhu. Im the only child in the family ( I don't have any siblings at all, so that's why I have a lot of catss at house). Sometimes,  I am feeling jealous of my friends because they have siblings, but yelah terima jelah seadanya hewhew. At school, I have friends that I have known them since primary school. Amirah , Ameena , Rasyidah, Farhanah and Najiehah.  Dalam kelas ada lagi tapi penuh sgt…