Post SPM Break

Assalamualaikum and salam #dudukrumah for all Malaysians,

Finally I got to spend my precious time to update my dusty blog after 4 months after my SPM examinations ended last November, how time flies. And recently I just got my SPM result and all I can say is I am grateful regarding on my result (except for Addmath but still lulus, haha) and now I am applying for universities. May Allah ease my studies journey and job pathway, Aamiin In Sha Allah (and probably for you guys who are reading my blog now too). So, moving forward I am going to share what I did during my SPM break. Before SPM, I always said to myself that I want to do something different and productive.I don't want to just lay back on bed and watching dramas for all day ( I love that but if you do it for such a long time without doing anything else , you will get bored easily). Before that, I am using both Malay and English a.k.a rojak bahasa in my blog so jangan kecam ok. (blog aku suka hati aku la)

1. Working

It is sup…

A Day Trip to Petronas Art Gallery, KLCC

Assalamualaikum and good evening ya'll,

Happy Monday to all my readers! (not so happy for me though, to many things to do) and now I am kinda relaxing myself while writing this. Its only two weeks left for school holiday and I am heading back to reality. Today, I do the spring cleaning for my room and the guest room, while fasting. And for some days (3 days, to be accurate), I did not going out everywhere because my mom is busy and if my parents were out, I left at home because they only going to buy some groceries (that's why I am lazy to going out, though). I feel bored la pulak, tulah time ada pergi jalan-jalan asyik nak balik je, time mereput kat rumah baru tahu kebosanannya.

Anyway, my point today is not going to story about my spring cleaning works. Today I am going to share about my experience visiting the Petronas Art Gallery located at Kuala Lumpur City Centre. I am gonna  try to highlight back (throwback, istilah sekarang) my story and experience that happens to me t…

Laduree Malaysia - My personal experience

Assalamualaikum and have a good day everybody!

So, it has been about 2 years that I did not update on my blog. Well, as a student I can't resist that I am busy with many things such as school activities and tuitions, since I am sitting for Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) 2017, last year. And this year, since I am in higher secondary already, there is alot things to do that steal my own time to update my blog. But, whenever I go, I will always take many pictures as I can, because I want to share it here. Blogging is about what we have experienced , right?

Finally, today I decided and keep motivate myself to sign up Blogger. While watching AFF Suzuki Final on TV, I write here to deter myself from nervousness. So, I decided to write about my experience buying macarons from Laduree, which is located at Pavilion KL. I have been there twice, not much because Pavilion is quite far from Shah Alam, and it is the only store (or outlet) in Malaysia. So, whenever I go, I will take the chance to…

Segmen Jom Berkenalan

Hello and Assalamualaikum. So, this is my first time participating the segment. My friend also participating it too. With this  I wish that I could get more viewers and followers (mana tau kan hehe) and also can get know each other. Blogger baru so post pun tak banyak huhu (Im sorry for that). So , hope that we can get along in sha allah. That's all for today. Sayonara!!
Sincerely, Nabila

First post ever!


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah today I was given chance to built this blog for my everyday -story- or -routine. I was so happpyy because it is my first time having blog ( thanks to you , F ! I have been stalking to you before I made this, hahahha!) and yes this blog not only insist of daily routine only, but with some others like small bussiness ( In sha Allah if rajin hahaha). So then , Im Nabila and living in Shah Alam. I have 7 cats ( Angelina, Conet , Victoria , TamTam, TamTih, Ronaldo and Suarez) , but now only 6 left because Ronaldo is missing and not found until today huhuhu. Im the only child in the family ( I don't have any siblings at all, so that's why I have a lot of catss at house). Sometimes,  I am feeling jealous of my friends because they have siblings, but yelah terima jelah seadanya hewhew. At school, I have friends that I have known them since primary school. Amirah , Ameena , Rasyidah, Farhanah and Najiehah.  Dalam kelas ada lagi tapi penuh sgt…