First post ever!


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah today I was given chance to built this blog for my everyday -story- or -routine. I was so happpyy because it is my first time having blog ( thanks to you , F ! I have been stalking to you before I made this, hahahha!) and yes this blog not only insist of daily routine only, but with some others like small bussiness ( In sha Allah if rajin hahaha). So then , Im Nabila and living in Shah Alam. I have 7 cats ( Angelina, Conet , Victoria , TamTam, TamTih, Ronaldo and Suarez) , but now only 6 left because Ronaldo is missing and not found until today huhuhu. Im the only child in the family ( I don't have any siblings at all, so that's why I have a lot of catss at house). Sometimes,  I am feeling jealous of my friends because they have siblings, but yelah terima jelah seadanya hewhew. At school, I have friends that I have known them since primary school. Amirah , Ameena , Rasyidah, Farhanah and Najiehah.  Dalam kelas ada lagi tapi penuh sgt kat sini nanti hahaa! takpe korg still my friends, muah ciked! ( feeling like they are looking right noww). Ok lah so I will sambung on the day I free. See you again! xoxo

p/s: Im using the two languages and if you look any mistakes above please inform me!

Sincerely, Nabila


  1. waaaa, goodluck nab !! meh visit blog saya..

  2. thank you, far!! i'll in sha allah

  3. hi nab, aku tag kau kat sini ye


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